During the UNM Health Sciences Center Board of Directors monthly meeting today, the Board approved a motion by Board Chairman and University Regent Rob Doughty to proceed with planning for the UNM Hospital replacement project.

The motion includes measures for oversight and accountability. It requests that the Board “authorize and approve leadership of the UNM Health Sciences Center to take the steps necessary to prepare an initial master development plan, which would include modeling of potential financing opportunities and alternatives, for the purpose of gathering information for an adult replacement acute care teaching hospital.”

“After weeks of discussions among University leaders, Chancellor Roth agreed to implement the hospital planning project in the manner manifested in this motion, which I am recommending to the full Board of Regents at our February 11 meeting next week,” said Doughty.

The motion provides for the utilization of institutional resources during the planning process and reporting of results before proceeding to additional project aspects.

Doughty stated, “economic experts have informed us that plans for the new hospital could jeopardize our bond rating, which would negatively impact the financial health of the entire university. We are proceeding in a responsible manner that will continue to serve the citizens of New Mexico, without mortgaging the future of the next generation of students.”