"Motionetics" is an evening of dance choreographed by the finest student choreographers in UNM's dance program, offering a wide variety of styles and exploring a vast emotional and aesthetic landscape. Six performances are in Carlisle Performance Space, Friday, April 27-Sunday May 6.

"Estudio introspectivo #1 (Cantiña)," choreographed by Sol Acuña-Zamora, is a solo in which the dancer defies the biggest enemy we all struggle with: ourselves. It is an inward journey towards the clarification of the mind, as well as the search for inner peace. This existential voyage is pursued to accomplish creative freedom and mental tranquility.

Marrisa Manion's duet, "Above the Treetops," is an homage to the essence of nature and an exploration of the way life reveals itself to us. This partnership demonstrates intertwining energies in life that continually separate and reconnect while always growing stronger.

Choreographed by Kevin Joseph Clark and performed by Tasha Willilams, the title "Toska" is a Russian term referring to a spiritual or emotional depression without a specific cause. This piece is a brief look into being trapped deep in the confines of this affliction, constantly searching for the light, an answer or both.

Luz Guillen and Ana Arechiga Gonzales co-choreographed the trio "In Tra(n)ce," which explores the use of movement as a creative abstraction of the experiences of the depths of the mind. The dance plays with the sensation of a hypnotic state to experience the feelings of being caught in one's own mind.

The solo "Vulturus," choreographed and performed by Scott Shaw, examines the scavenger bird, the vulture and depicts the darkness and negativity that surrounds the bird and its means of survival. Even in the dark and grotesque nature of the bird, beauty can still be found.

"Good Housekeeping" is an ensemble work choreographed by Emily Bulling and inspired by advertisements from Good Housekeeping Magazine from the 1950s. It explores the wife's role in marriage and ultimately celebrates female companionship and friendship.

Ana Mercedes Arechiga Gonzalez is choreographer of the quartet "Distilled." This piece illustrates the concept of existence in relationship to others. It presents the yearning for help and company in times of need by recreating the devastation experienced with strong feelings of solitude and abandonment.

"Fiesta Charra," choreographed by Esteban Eduardo Garza, takes the audience on a journey in Mexico and its mariachis. With vibrant colors and ocean like waves from skirting, the floor is filled with poise and strength from powerful footwork accompanying the melodic sounds of the mariachi.

Crystal Fullmer is the choreographer of "Pour Apporter un Petit Peu de Joie," an ensemble piece based in musical visualization. The dancers carve the space with both their pathways and their movements creating a joyful celebration of life.

"Conscience" is a duet choreographed by Chelsea Costello. This dance explores a relationship between a human and a "spirit form" and the awareness of a moral or ethical aspect of one's conduct.

Dara Minkin is both choreographer and performer for the solo "As Sin's True Nature Is." Minkin said of her solo, "I like to explore concepts that scare me, parts of myself that scare me. I don't like talking about it, so I express it through dance.  This piece is based, in part, on feelings of guilt, jealousy and insecurity."

"Saddle Up!" Is a large ensemble dance choreographed by Esteban Eduardo Garza. This mid-western frontier-like work is filled with playful and joyful movement. Experiences between couples and larger groups are explored, giving the work a sense of a small town with different stories, yet very united as a whole.

The quartet "Talking Stick" is choreographed by Minkin and explores different approaches to meeting our human existence and the final outcome of our lives.

"Zama" is a solo choreographed and performed by Garza that researches the traditions and ways of ancient Mayan culture. Through a contemporary interpretation, reincarnation and sacrifice are approached, giving an outlook of rebirth and a new beginning. Strength and power can be used to describe the movement executed by the character of a transforming Mayan warrior.

Jacqueline M. Garcia is the choreographer of "fissure," an ensemble of four dancers. This work investigates the figments and illusions that haunt the mind and inhabit one's memory.

Performances of Motionetics are on Fridays and Saturdays, April 27, 28, May 4 and 5, at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays, April 29 and May 6, at 2 p.m. in the Carlisle Performance Space in the Carlisle Gym. Tickets are $12 general admission, $10 UNM faculty and seniors, and $8 UNM staff and all students. Tickets are available at the UNM Ticket Offices located at the UNM Bookstore or the Pit and by calling (505) 925-5858. For information visit dance.unm.edu or call (505) 277-4332.

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