Early diagnosis and intervention are key to solving the puzzles of mental illness, brain disease and brain injury.

The "2010 Research Report" for The Mind Research Network underscores the promise of MRN studies to identify these problems in the early stages and produce more positive outcomes for individuals facing these challenges.

MRN's "2010 Research Report" is a summary of discovery by MRN staff and associates of the past year including sections dedicated to advancements in better understanding schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, addiction, epilepsy, autism and traumatic brain injury.

MRN scientists developed an approach which was able to classify patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. While more work is needed, these results show the potential of functional brain scanning to eventually be used as a diagnostic tool.

The award of an 11 million dollar COBRE grant could help advance research aimed at the early diagnosis of schizophrenia or to better predict treatment outcome.

The past year has brought progress in identifying biomarkers for autism and identifying children at risk of such developmental problems.

MRN is also continuing work on a method to predict relapse in individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs and this tool has a ninety percent accuracy rate in predicting relapse in stimulant addicts. These are just some examples of the MRN discoveries covered in the "2010 Research Report."

Unique imaging equipment and scanning techniques combined with genetics research at MRN could eventually bring to the clinic quicker and more accurate diagnoses and treatment that is tailored specifically to each patient--care that is not currently available for many brain disorders.

The "2010 Research Report" is available on line at: www.mrn.org. MRN can also mail a report if you request it at: info@mrn.org or by calling (505)272-5028.

For more information, contact Lisa Breeden, director of Development, lbreeden@mrn.org or (505) 681-7110.