The Mind Research Network located on the North Campus of UNM has opened an art exhibit, "Art of the Extremes" featuring art from VSA arts of New Mexico.  The exhibit is a collection of works by adults who participate in the VSA Day Arts Program at the North Fourth Art Center.

"These artists show us how a disability is not so pronounced when the individual's strengths in other areas are celebrated," said MRN President and CEO John Rasure, Ph.D.  "We are MRN are privileged to host this exhibit in hopes more people learn about this great community resource."

MRN is dedicated to research that uncovers new paths to diagnoses for brain disease and brain injury.  The ultimate goal of MRN scientists is to lessen the impact of these problems and remove the associated stigma.

"We are honored to present our artwork in a highly reputable center focused on neuroscience investigation and solutions," said Lina Jabra, Community Development Director for VSA arts of New Mexico. "It is our hope that the artwork speaks to the general public demonstrating self motivation, pure creativity, and the joy of making art adding to a person's well being."

Art featured in the exhibit is for sale, and the proceeds will go to the artists. View some of the art on exhibit at: Art of the Extremes.

For more information about VSA arts of New Mexico, contact Lina Jabra at (505) 345-2872 ext. 25 or