IT UNM has announced that MyReports is now live and available for the UNM community. MyReports went live this past June as the replacement for Hyperion.  MyReports is a do-it-yourself reporting tool built upon a business intelligence (BI) platform that delivers rich, consumable, interactive information to a diverse audience including executives, managers, analysts, faculty and staff.

Everyone, from casual users to power users who develop their own reports, can easily produce reports and analyses. MyReports users usually don’t need intensive training and it is easy for power users/developers to create and maintain custom reports. In addition, every bit of content can be shared and reused.

As with Hyperion, access to MyReports is based on security roles. While many existing BAR roles were carried over to MyReports, there are newer reports, including those in the student area, that may require you to submit a new Banner request. You access MyReports through the MyUNM portal within the UNM Business Applications Channel, found in the Employee Life or Faculty Life tab, with the other reporting tools. MyReports is browser-based, so you will not need to install additional software to access it.

The MyReports information page is available at MyReports with information on items such as available new reports, converted Hyperion reports, general FAQ’s and training resources.