This week on New Mexico in Focus, host Gene Grant continues his conversation with U.S. Senator Tom Udall with a discussion on climate change and water. Udall is supporting an executive order by President Barack Obama to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent by the year 2030.

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Also this week NMiF Producer Megan Kamerick continues a series of conversations on the water crisis in the west, by speaking with rancher Sid Goodloe, farmer Stanley Crawford and Steve Harris, director of Rio Grande Restoration, about the challenges facing rural New Mexico and plans for building a diversion on the Gila River.

Hosted by Gene Grant, New Mexico in Focus takes a multi-layered look at social, political, economic, health, education and arts issues and explores them in-depth, with a critical eye to give them context beyond the "news of the moment."

The Line opinion panel reviews the outcomes of the primaries around the state. After a five-way race, Attorney General Gary King is the Democratic candidate facing Gov. Susana Martinez.  A contentious race for State Treasurer saw Tim Eichenberg emerge as winner.

The Line also delves into the economy in New Mexico in light of announcements about Chevron closing a mine and laying off 300 people, and Intel Corp. passing over the Rio Rancho plant for the next round of investment in the latest technology. The state continues to lag the country in job creation and tax revenue and this will likely be one of the top themes in this year’s gubernatorial campaign.


            Stanley Crawford, Owner, El Bosque Garlic Farm

            Sid Goodloe, Owner, Carrizo Valley Ranch

            Steve Harris, Director of Rio Grande Restoration

            U.S. Senator Tom Udall

Line Guest panelists:

            Martha Burk, National Council of Women’s Organizations

            Dede Feldman, Former State Senator

Line panelists:

            Dan Foley, Former House Minority Whip

            Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group


            Megan Kamerick, NMiF Producer


            Gene Grant

New Mexico in Focus is produced by Megan Kamerick. Funding has been provided in part by the McCune Foundation, the Communications Fund and the Santa Fe Community Foundation.