This week, New Mexico in Focus discusses Gov. Susana Martinez's performance in the latest legislative session. Following the 60-day session, many panelists want to know if the session was successful.

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Panelists also analyze what survived the session and which proposals floundered, and journalists dedicated to covering the Roundhouse sit down with Capitol Correspondent Gwyneth Doland. 
·Tracy Dingmann, Blogger, Clearly New Mexico
·Rob Nikolewski, Managing Editor, Capitol Report New Mexico
·Sofia Sanchez, Reporter, New Mexico News Network
·Milan Simonich, Santa Fe Bureau Chief, Texas-New Mexico Newspapers Partnership
Guest Panelists:
·Pauline Eisenstadt, Former State Senator & Representative
·Dan Foley, Former House Minority Whip
Line Panelists:
·Sophie Martin, Former Managing Editor,
·Laura Sanchez, Environmental Lawyer, Natural Resources Defense Council

Capitol Correspondent
·Gwyneth Doland, Former Editor,
·Gene Grant, Weekly Alibi Columnist
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New Mexico In Focus is produced by Kevin McDonald and Kathy Wimmer and closed captioning has been made possible by a gift from Mrs. Elspeth G. Bobbs.

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