Police oversight is the main topic this week on New Mexico in Focus, as advocates and officials debate what a new model of civilian oversight would look like in the wake of a Department of Justice investigation that found the Albuquerque Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force.

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Also scheduled, a look at disturbing revelations about the relationship between former APD Chief Ray Schultz and Taser International; a state decision to hire two doctors with troubled pasts, despite the fact that they were banned from billing Medicaid services and had histories of acquiring prescription drugs through misrepresentation or fraud; the state’s expensive in-house parole program; the use of a government credit card for thousands of personal purchases by Gov. Martinez’s chief of staff, and two ride-sharing companies that are interested in expanding to the state.

* Robin Hammer, independent review officer, City of Albuquerque
* Richard Shine, former APD Police Oversight Commissioner
* Peter Simonson, ACLU of New Mexico and Police Oversight Taskforce
* Alan Wagman, Police Oversight Taskforce
* Shaun Willoughby, Albuquerque Police Association

Line Panelists
* Dan Foley, former House Minority Whip
* Sophie Martin, attorney
* Rob Nikolewski, New Mexico Watchdog/Capitol Report New Mexico

Guest Line Panelists
* Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, executive director, Enlace Comunitario

* Gwyneth Doland

Gene Grant

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