With the Legislative Special Session slated to begin Tuesday, Sept. 6, host Gene Grant sits down with influential legislators to discuss redistricting. Also this week, NMIF talks with New Mexico Secretary Designate of Tax and Revenue, Demesia Padilla, to examine the current state program that issues driver licenses to undocumented immigrants and the Martinez administration's efforts to stop it, plus climate change on Native American lands.

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• Demesia Padilla, secretary designate, New Mexico Tax and Revenue Department
• Allen Sanchez, executive director, New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops
• Sen. Dede Feldman (D), Albuquerque
• Sen. John Ryan (R), Albuquerque
• Rep. Larry Larranaga (R), Albuquerque
• Rep. Al Park (D), Albuquerque 

Line Panelists
• Dan Foley, former Minority Whip, New Mexico House of Representatives
• Sophie Martin, former managing editor, DukeCityFix.com
• Laura Sanchez, environmental lawyer, Natural Resources Defense Council

New Mexico in Focus Correspondent
• Gwyneth Doland, former editor, NewMexicoIndependent.com

• Gene Grant, Weekly Alibi columnist

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