This week, New Mexico in Focus speaks one-on-one with Education Secretary Designate, Hanna Skandera. Find out what she has to say about the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) results, and what other changes she is planning for educators across the state.

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Also, New Mexico's Medical Marijuana Program is now four years old and includes more than 20 licensed growers and 4,000 patients. NMIF Correspondent Peter St. Cyr talks to lawmakers, health officials, patients and growers about what is working with the program, and what improvements still need to be made.

• Hanna Skandera, secretary designate, New Mexico Department of Education
• Senator Cisco McSorley, (D) Albuquerque
• Len Goodman, licensed medical marijuana grower
• Joel White, medical marijuana patient
• Dominick Zurlo, Harm Reduction Program manager, New Mexico Health Department

New Mexico In Focus Correspondents:
• Gwyneth Doland, former editor,
• Peter St. Cyr, online journalist

• Gene Grant, Weekly Alibi columnist

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