This week on New Mexico in Focus, panelists discuss the latest efforts by state legislators to continue to draw Hollywood to New Mexico without breaking the bank, especially following last year's legislation that capped incentives in the industry.

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Also this week, the Line analyzes the possibility for a state wide minimum wage increase to be enacted, given the recent passage of wage increases in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque, as well as what lawmakers are doing to set stronger qualifications for those who serve on the Public Regulation Commission.

• Sen. Phil Griego (D), District 39
• Sen. Steven Neville (R), District 2
• Sen. John Ryan (R), District 10
• Rep. Moe Maestas (D), District 16

Guest Panelists
• Dede Feldman, former New Mexico senator
• Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, UNM law professor

Line Panelists
• Dan Foley, former N.M. House Republican Whip
• Rob Nikolewski, editor, Capitol Report New Mexico

Matt Grubs, NMIF producer

Gene Grant

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