The New Mexico Space Grant Consortium (NMSGC), based at New Mexico State University, recently awarded fellowships to Engineering and Arts and Sciences students at the University of New Mexico. Each recipient receives a $10,000 award.

Students receiving fellowships for work in Engineering include:

  • Elisa Borowski, Master’s student, “Engineering Viscoelastic Behavior of Deployable FRP Composites Using Nanoparticles.”
  • David Lidsky, Ph.D. student, “Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Infrared Superlattice Avalanche Photodiodes.”
  • Corbin Wilhelmi, Ph.D. student, “Multi-Robot Cooperative Intelligence for Selective Search and Exploration Applications on Extra-Terrestrial Surfaces.”

Fellowships for research in the Arts and Sciences were granted to:

  • Nguyen Phan, Ph.D. student, “Development of Detectors for X-ray Polarimetry and Dark Matter Detection.”
  • Alison Santos, Ph.D. student, “Examination of an Exotic Igneous Lithology within Martian Meteorite NWA 7034.”

The New Mexico Space Grant Consortium is a member of the Congressionally-funded National Space Grant College Scholarship and Fellowship Program. NMSGC fellowships and scholarships are competitively awarded based on application information, faculty recommendation, GPA, the research project and NASA’s Mission.