The Anderson School of Management has announced that Sibilla and George Boerigter are new sponsors of its popular Business-to-Business Breakfast series.

George Boerigter is the founder and chairman of SoundOff Signal, a Michigan company that manufacturers warning lights and systems for police, fire and EMS use as well as LED lights for commercial vehicles and school buses. George and Sibilla, his wife of 51 years, have agreed to sponsor the school's successful lecture series for two academic years. Their generous gift of $15,000 will help to cover the many expenses related to the series that takes place two-three times a year during the academic year at the Anderson School.

The Business-to-Business Breakfast Series, now in its third year, is designed to appeal to New Mexico's business and academic communities as well as the general public. The speakers are leading scholars or experts in their fields who address pressing issues that impact the local community, the region, and beyond. The intent of the series is to deepen the community's understanding of complex issues and present multiple viewpoints.

The Boerigter's other residence is in Michigan, but they are increasing the time they spend in New Mexico. Their son Dr. Stephen Boerigter is a nuclear researcher and manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory and George has become an active member of the New Mexico Angels where he is working to help start-up companies. When the couple was presented with the opportunity to become the first sponsors of the lecture series the timing was perfect. They had been looking for a commitment that would allow them to become better connected with Albuquerque, the place they now call home six months out of the year.

"We have been richly blessed in our lives by the people and places we have lived and worked and this very much includes New Mexico," says George Boerigter. "We want to be thought of as builders and givers not takers and users in our society. It is not what we have that is the measure of a person, but what a person gives that establishes a lasting legacy."

Doug Brown, Dean of the Anderson School, is thrilled to have the Boerigters connected to the school for the next two years. "We are indeed fortunate to be located in a place that attracts successful entrepreneurs, especially ones as visionary and generous as George and Sibilla Boerigter."

The first lecture sponsored by Sibilla and George Boerigter and SoundOff Signal will feature New Mexico State Investment Officer Steven K. Moise. Moise will discuss How to Regain the Public Trust: A Path to New Beginnings on Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 7:30 a.m. The talk is free, but because of limited seating, guests must RSVP via e-mail at Business to Business or by calling 505-277-6413.

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