The University of New Mexico Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) has created a new system to aid students in managing their accounts. The system, called the Student Billing Transparency Project, is expected to provide a greater ease of understanding and use of account management tools than the present suite of software implemented by the Bursars office.

As it stands now, there is no description of charges, no breakdown of tuition and fees, and no clear distinction between charges and payments. The Project will aid in providing a clearer understanding of both tuition and fees.

GPSA’s main approach is to address a counter-intuitive and flat GUI, or graphic user interface. The new design allows the user to navigate freely from costs to payments, history and other information with relative ease.

It also provides a measure of customization. GPSA Chief of Staff Matthew Rush describes it as “Drill down functionality. It is an idea that offers a range of options. You will be able to set it up in a way that works for you,” he said.

In addition to access online through LoboWeb, students will be able to get at their account information through the Lobo phone app. The app is available through the various app stores for both iPhone and Android.

While the project is not yet fully in place there are already some great additions to the account suite up for use including pages titled Understanding your bill, Understanding your charges and Student billing and payments FAQ’s, each full of new, clear options and answers to questions.

GPSA President Priscila Poliana smiles at the memories of the hurdles involved and the progress made in implementing the new system. “The system will be doing a test run over the summer and be 100 percent by fall,” she said.

But there are a lot of data to compile. Through communications with the provosts office, student documents are moving to a centralized storage that the system will access to create a complete workflow by January 2015.

GPSA staff working on the project mentioned several times how critical the support of the Regents and university IT staff has been, expressing gratitude and thanks.

For questions contact Priscila Poliana at,; Matthew Rush,  or Linda Johansen,