UNM’s new reporting tool, MyReports, is now live. MyReports will replace Hyperion, which will be phased out as Hyperion reports are replaced with WebFOCUS reports.

A list of available reports and more detailed information can be found at MyReports.

How does this affect me?
If you are a Hyperion user, you're encouraged to use the new reporting tool by beginning to review the site, all the FAQ’s and training options. Then log into MyReports through the MyUNM portal, Employee Life Tab, within the UNM Business Applications Channel with the other reporting tools (the same place that you can log into Hyperion). MyReports is browser based, so you will not need to install additional software to access MyReports.

How do I get access to MyReports?
MyReports (like Hyperion) is based on BAR security roles. You may need to request a new BAR role for some of the newer reports, or your existing roles may be carried over to MyReports. MyReports is supported by several departments.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, click here for department contact information. Hyperion Finance report users, please refer to this FastInfo AnswerID 6891 for additional information.