The Utton Transboundary Resources Center at the University of New Mexico School of Law released two reports aimed at bringing clarity to New Mexico's challenges with water resources and land use.

"Land & Water: Making the Connection," a report that addresses the disconnect between land use planning and water resource management in New Mexico, focuses on the challenge of ensuring that demand for water and development does not outstrip the state's limited supplies and that the inherent integrity of the land and water is preserved for generations to come.

"Moving forward, it will be increasingly important to understand and coordinate land and water use decisions between different levels of government," said Carol Romero-Wirth, one of the report's authors. "This report improves our collective understanding of this relationship so that we can sustain the state's economy and its environmental and cultural heritage."

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The 2012 edition of "Water Matters!," a guide to New Mexico's water issues published annually by the Utton Center, was made available in January to New Mexico legislators. In an effort to conserve money and natural resources, this year's volume was distributed online.

In every issue, "Water Matters!" honors a legislator who has helped advance understanding of New Mexico's surface and groundwater. This year, that honor went to Rep. Roger James Madalena, a leader in water issues at both the Roundhouse and his home community of Jemez Pueblo.

"Like all good encyclopedias, 'Water Matters!' continues to grow. This year the guide approaches 200 pages," said UNM law Professor Denise Fort, director of the Utton Center.

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Both publications can be accessed on the Utton Center website.

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