The House reconvenes at 10 a.m. on Wednesday with the Senate going in at 10:30 a.m.

January 30 committee hearings
House Appropriations   Rm 307   1:30 p.m.
Investment and Insurance Subcommittee will hear from the Education Retirement Board.

January 31 committee hearings
House Health,  Government and Indian Affairs   8:30 a.m.  Rm 309
H66   Healthcare Coverage ID Cards
H17    Dental Therapist Licensures
HJM17  Community Health Needs Assessment

House Consumer and Public Affairs   Rm 315   1:30 p.m.
H177  Parental Notification Rights Act

House Labor   Rm 305    1:30p.m.
H139  Reduce Worker's Comp for Drug Use
H167   Teacher Licensure Content Knowledge

Senate Public Affairs  Rm  321   2 p.m.
S213  Autism Spectrum Disorder Programs
S140   NM Poison and Drug Information
S147   Education Technology Definitions

Bills of Interest introduced January 29, 2013:

H309  Lottery Scholarship Program Solvency  Rep James P. White
H311  Health Coverage Affordability Analysis  Rep Christine Trujillo
H320   UNM  "We The People"Program  Rep Rick Miera
H325   Workshare Program for Reducing Hours  Rep Georgene Louis
H329   Recovery of Certain Unemployment Benefits  Rep  Cathrynn Brown
H332   Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students   Rep Jimmie C. Hall

S307   Public Records Changes  Sen Daniel Ivey Soto
S 310  Viral Hepatitis Testing and Confidentiality   Sen  Phil Griego
S313    Biomedical Research Act   Sen Bill O'Neill
S316   Teacher Licensing and Performance Ratings  Sen Sander Rue
S332   Education Trust Board Membership   Sen George Munoz
S334   Unemployment Fund Contributions and Formula  Sen Stuart Ingle

Susan McKinsey, Office of Government and Community Relations