This week on New Mexico in Focus, correspondent Gwyneth Doland hosts a three-part discussion with two journalists recapping New Mexico's 2024 legislative session. Doland asks Shaun Griswold, editor of Source New Mexico, and Trip Jennings, executive director of New Mexico In Depth, about the approved state budget, which public education and public health bills passed, and the environmental and public health bills that didn't pass in Santa Fe. 

NMIF heads back to the Roundhouse one last time this session with Doland, as she catches up with several lawmakers and policy advocates to talk about a wide range of influential issues, including a failed oil and gas regulation bill, increased funding for state roads and money set aside for health care. 

Immigration reform advocates were shocked earlier this month when the state Senate rejected an asylum seekers' detention bill. Sophia Genovese, an attorney with the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, tells Executive Producer Jeff Proctor when she knew the bill's life would be cut short. 

NMiF airs on NMPBS 5.1 (KNME HD) on Friday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 18 at 7 a.m., and streaming on the PBS video app. 

NMiF Segments
Breaking Down the 2024 State Budget 
How Education & Oil and Gas Bills Fared in Santa Fe 
Public Safety and Crime Bills Passed Through Roundhouse 
Gwyneth Doland 

Trip Jennings, executive director, New Mexico In Depth 
Shaun Griswold, editor, Source NM 

2024 Legislature Recap: Health Care Bills & Funds for Roads 
Gwyneth Doland 

Tannis Fox, attorney, Western Environmental Law Center 
Rep. Jared Hembree (R), Roswell 
Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R), Carlsbad 
Rep. Jenifer Jones (R), Deming 
Rep. Kathleen Cates (D), Rio Rancho   

Asylum Seekers Detention Bill Dies in Senate 
Jeff Proctor 

Sophia Genovese, attorney, New Mexico Immigrant Law Center 

Lou DiVizio 

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