The UNM Office of International Programs and Studies is giving the international students a crash course in New Mexico, with help from "Lynette," New Mexico's pop culture queen and star of the Expo New Mexico commercials, in an interactive workshop on Friday, Sept. 14 from noon – 2 p.m. in the Student Union Building Lobo rooms A&B.;

The event, Lost in Translation: U.S. Culture and Communication – Red or Green? is an opportunity for students who know little about the Land of Enchantment to come and hear from Assistant Professor Manuel Montoya, Anderson School of Management, deliver a brief introduction to the state. He knows his stuff...he's from Mora, got his undergraduate degree from UNM, was a Rhodes Scholar and went on to earn a dual doctorate in foreign relations and comparative literature. Anyways, then he came back to UNM to join the faculty.

UNM Theatre and Dance alum and Blackout Theatre actor Lauren Poole, AKA "Lynette," will talk the students through New Mexico language, culture, food and history. She will also show the students how to prepare chile. For realz.

This event is sponsored by OIPS, GPSA, PNMGC, GRC.

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