As the LoboMail email migration effort draws to a close, the last Webmail accounts have been migrated and the Webmail system is scheduled to be shut down and dismantled. On Monday, April 1, access to the old Webmail system,, will be disabled and the system will be shut down.

What this means to you:
1. If you have already saved all important files from your old Webmail mailbox, no action is needed.

2. If you still have Webmail messages larger than 25MB, you should review those messages and determine whether you want to save those attachments. See FastInfo 6696 for information on how to find those messages.

3. If you have any remaining information in Webmail, such as contacts, vacation messages, or mail filtering rules, please be sure that you have retrieved that information before April 1.

4. Only the Webmail system is being shut down. The UNM GroupWise system continues to be available for reference in read-only mode, and will remain in that state until personal archives have been migrated later this semester.

The shutdown of the Webmail system is a major milestone for the email replacement project and for the University, as UNM steps into the future with LoboMail and the suite of services enabled by this new platform. We congratulate the team responsible for this significant accomplishment, and thank the University community for the patience and good humor you have shown throughout this long and complex process.

For information about how to use the LoboMail system, search for 'LoboMail.' For information about the project, visit: LoboMail Enterprise Email and Calendar Implementation.