Enrollment at the University of New Mexico held steady from fall 2011 to fall 2012, according to data from the first day of classes, Monday, Aug. 20. Overall headcount is 28,038, compared with 28,122, a 0.3 percent decrease.

Terry Babbitt, associate vice president for enrollment management, said level enrollment is due in part to a decrease in graduate students from 4,268 to 4,108, a 3.75 percent reduction.

UNM continues to be an attractive choice for new students. Beginning freshmen rose from 3,316 to 3,376, a 1.81 percent increase, including a six percent increase in nonresident freshmen. New transfer students from New Mexico colleges also grew by nearly four percent.

Rapid growth in online courses has continued at UNM. Enrollment grew by 42.74 percent, from 4,506 to 6,432. UNM Extended University is expanding online offerings, serving students from almost every county in New Mexico as well as students who also attend classes on main campus.

For the second consecutive year, UNM's Rio Rancho campus bucked an early decline in enrollment. UNM West rose by 40.54 percent, from 407 to 572 students.

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