If things look brighter on campus after spring break, it isn't just because the semester is half over. UNM Physical Plant Department staff spent the break industriously cleaning and fixing up the campus.

"Spring break is our normal time of the year to get the campus cleaned up after winter and start greening up for the students' return from the break. After the long winter and cleaning up tons of leaves, we now start to shine and show off the beautiful campus for the rest of the year," said Gary Smith, associate director, PPD Environmental Services & Maintenance and Operations.

Grounds crews repaired and widened sidewalks east of the Duck Pond. "Some of these repairs follow the recent irrigation upgrade south of Scholes Hall and over to the west side of the Duck Pond. The other repairs are due to damaged concrete from other factors," Smith said.

Grounds staff attacked the lawns this week, doing some spring aeration, fertilization and over-seeding turf areas. "Mowing and edging starts this week, and the irrigation systems are all checked, repaired and running," Smith said. He added that they pruned trees and shrubs west of Scholes Hall, at Air Force ROTC and other campus locations. "We are also doing some tree removals west of the College of Education," he said.

Benches, trash cans and recycle bins were repaired and cleaned up and graffiti removed from walls and fixtures.

Smith said that building maintenance staff checked and repaired parking lot and other exterior lights.

"This was also a good week for them to get a lot of preventive maintenance tasks done to the building HVAC systems, such as filter changes and closed-loop water system treatments, exit lighting checks, generator checks and the general spruce up of classrooms and common areas," Smith said, adding that custodial staff did a lot of floor work, classroom cleaning and graffiti removal.

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