How can you help more than 60,000 sick and injured kids in New Mexico within in 24 hours? All you have to do is play games! Be a hero for kids and join UNM Children's Hospital and thousands of other gamers during the 24-hour Extra Life gaming marathon on Saturday, Oct. 20.

Getting started is simple.

• Step 1: Sign-up at Extra Life and choose UNM Children's Hospital as your hospital to support.

• Step 2: Ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

• Step 3: Play video games (or any other games) for 24 hours (not necessarily in a row) in the comfort of your own home or with a group of friends.

• Step 4: The funds you raise help kids and their families at UNM Children's Hospital.

For more information, contact Rich Grainger at (505) 277-4553.