The University of New Mexico's Physical Plant Department Grounds & Landscaping will perform routine maintenance on the Duck Pond beginning Friday, March 6 through Friday, March 13. The UNM campus community is asked to avoid the area during this week-long process.

The pond will be drained of its water, and all animals will be collected and housed in oxygenated holding tanks located at the Biology department. The wild ducks that visit the pond will naturally relocate once this process begins. After the animals and water are removed, large tanker trucks will be on site to begin pumping the sludge and debris out of the pond.

Th maintenance is imperative to keep the Duck Pond beautiful and healthy for the wide variety of animals living in it. Because of the many fish and turtles living in the pond, sludge builds up at the bottom of the pond, along with a wide variety of debris typically found during the cleaning.  This can clog intake piping at the bottom of the pond and can change the water chemistry which could affect the health of the animals.