So one of the questions I've been wanting to ask families looking at universities to send their children to is:
When do you start looking at what universities you want your kids to attend?

It's a question that's been bumping around in my mind for a while, because I've heard people say, "from the time my baby was two" to "sometime around high school graduation."  When I was looking at universities to attend, way back in the ancient times of the late 1980's, I started talking with my counselor during my sophomore year to look at potential schools. There were a lot of colleges to winnow down from, and the two-plus years before graduation seemed to be enough time to figure out what classes to take, how I would afford school, etc.

I know there are a lot of mommy bloggers out there (for children of various ages), so let me run this by you - have y'all started planning on where you want to send your kids to college?  Or are you waiting for a while, and when will be the right time to start planning?

- Benson