In order to hear more student voices, UNM President Robert Frank, along with Provost Chaouki Abdallah, has created a student cabinet as an additional way to engage students, who are vital to UNM's success.

“The cabinet will facilitate communication to a broader cross-section of undergraduate and graduate students,” Frank said. “It will act as a forum for discussion on campus issues important to students, such as academic affairs, student affairs, financial and other critical issues, with the goal of bettering our institution.

Frank explained that the cabinet will not interfere with the student government structure or operations, and assures that the program will not take away from the formal representation of elected student leaders. “It will allow for an additional sounding board for students and the administration to communicate on all aspects of the student experience,” he said.

All students interested in a cabinet position are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 16. Forms can either be completed online or a hard copy can be printed and sent to the president’s office. (President’s Office, Scholes Hall 144, MSC05 3300.)

“I am looking forward to improving the level of student engagement and would like to thank our students for their passion and involvement in our university,” Frank said.