"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." ― Albert Einstein

Good morning.

The balanced momentum we develop as a child learning to ride a bike continues throughout life as we seek the equilibrium that gets us where we are going. I see UNM pursuing that symmetry as we move forward, striving to balance our resources and our needs as we push toward the pursuit of excellence.

From Input to Action
UNM2020 is designed to create a level pathway to reaching our collective goals, but doing so requires a balancing act of its own. We must weigh the input from the diverse communities and individuals who are or will become involved along the way. We must project into the future and assess where we are going, but not overlook the here-and-now needs we face. We must also find ways to fund the creative and inspiring initiatives that we identify and embrace, as we keep the nuts-and-bolts that make this complex institution function.

The challenges we face beg for unique, path-breaking solutions. Globalization, technological advances, uneven and uncertain funding, increasing demands for greater access by more diverse groups, and rising expectations about performance and accountability are all factors in this equation. Sometimes it is when we are thrown off-balance by uncertainty that we are given the opportunity to find our most creative solutions. In approaching how we navigate change, we might ask ourselves how instead of doing more with less, we can to do better with less.

The Value of the Lottery Scholarship
As we talk about broad institutional budgets, I am keenly aware that fiscal responsibility also falls on us as individuals and households as we try to stretch our budgets for maximum impact when considering higher education. The Legislative Lottery Scholarship continues to help families throughout New Mexico make the most of what they have set aside for education. Last year, more than 8,600 students at UNM were scholarship recipients, which equal approximately 38 percent of our undergraduate population. More than one third of those scholarships are awarded to students who are Pell eligible, and their likelihood of graduating is almost triples with the additional funding.

The scholarship also helps middle-income families who do not have many other opportunities for assistance as tighter budgets force them to look for ways to save money on higher education. As we soon begin a new semester, we will be updating and analyzing new figures coming in from the LLS. For more information, visit: Value of Lottery Scholarship.

Our Business is Everyone's Business
The recent media coverage regarding the use of email to conduct public business on private accounts reminds me of the delicate balance we must meet in our responsibility to be transparent. I want to emphasize the need for all of UNM employees to be aware that while at times personal devices or accounts may be the most convenient or the only resource available for correspondence, if it involves University business, it is still public record.

Finding Balance in Our Lives
A challenge that most of us face daily is the balance of work or study with family and free time. At times it may seem that "work" and "life" are the same thing, and it becomes difficult to keep priorities aligned so that we can take care of what is important and enjoy life, too. A healthy work-life balance positively impacts the overall well-being of us all and our families. The slower pace of summer can give families a chance to spend more time together, travel, read, and relax more than the rest of the school year. Believe it or not, each of us at UNM is an inspiration to our colleagues, our families and our friends. Having a well-rounded life that includes a satisfying career — and in particular, a career that serves others — is an excellent example to them for their own lives.

Have a great week and Go Lobos!