The R.H. Mallory Center for Community Geography is seeking applications for faculty affiliation. Any University of New Mexico faculty member or postdoctoral fellow with an interest in community-engaged teaching, research, or mapping is encouraged to review the affiliation criteria and apply.

The Center for Community Geography was established in 2020 to support university-community partnerships in addressing critical human-environment issues. It provides funding to students and faculty on an annual basis for community-engaged research and teaching. It also directly supports community-based projects through collaborative mapping, place-based research, and events.

“Our faculty affiliates get a chance to engage with other colleagues who care about community engagement,” Maria Lane, director of the Center for Community Geography, said. “They also help the center stay connected to projects and partners from all different parts of campus. It’s a dynamic group, and we hope it continues to grow.”

Faculty affiliation applicants should support the center’s mission in one or more of the following ways.

  1. Identify potential partnerships and/or projects in the Albuquerque area with a focus in human-environment relations.

  2. Review proposals for community-engaged research (for grad students) and/or community-engaged teaching (for faculty).

  3. Propose and/or participate in events that bring university and community knowledge producers together.

  4. Develop strategies to value local environmental knowledge in academic research.

  5. Participate in an annual meeting to discuss broad initiatives in community engagement at UNM.

In addition to being listed on the center’s website and receiving regular updates about events and ongoing projects, affiliation will enable faculty and postdoctoral fellows to submit grants through the center. Grants provide facilities and administrative costs to the primary investigator and their department. Affiliates will also be eligible for administrative support for projects and events that support the center’s mission.

Any UNM faculty member or postdoctoral fellow is eligible to apply for affiliation, regardless of discipline or institutional location, if their interests align broadly with the center’s mission. Applications will be considered once per year, and existing affiliates will be asked annually whether they wish to renew their affiliation. To apply, please send a cv and brief application statement via email no later than Nov. 10. The statement should explain the applicant’s interest in community engagement, and identify areas of potential involvement with the center.

To learn more about the center and to view profiles for current faculty affiliates, visit the center’s website.