More students are choosing the University of New Mexico for the opportunities, challenges and support the state's flagship university offers. Enrollment set a new spring record with 27,305 students, a 4.6 percent increase from last spring.

Total undergraduate enrollment increased by 4.7 percent to 19,363. Graduate enrollment increased 4.34 percent to 4,493.

Helping students at two-year colleges reach the next level in their education is one of UNM's recruiting priorities. New transfer students from New Mexico rose 4.9 percent. Staff in the Office of Admissions are visiting two-year campuses more often and improving communication with prospective transfer students, as well as strengthening ties with UNM's neighbor, Central New Mexico Community College.

Students pursuing advanced degrees raise the educational level of the workforce and enrich academic life at UNM. New graduate students increased by 19 percent. Academic departments university-wide have worked to attract more graduate students.

Enrollment increased at all branch campuses: 2.9 percent at Gallup, 3.4 percent at Valencia, eight percent at Los Alamos and 11.6 percent at Taos.