Every semester, University of New Mexico’s University College identifies students who have achieved academic excellence by granting them admission to the Dean’s List. In order to qualify for the honor, students enrolled in University College must have earned a semester G.P.A of 3.5 or higher, completed at least 12 credit hours and not received grades of credit or no credit. 

Four hundred and eighty students were admitted to the Dean’s List in fall 2014, the first year that freshmen served by University College alone were dispersed among their anticipated colleges.

The average GPA was 3.8 and 23 percent had a 4.0 or higher GPA. University College administration, faculty and staff decided this year to honor these students and their families with a Dean’s List Reception. One hundred and four students and 260 family members, friends and guests signed up to attend the reception where they received a certificate from Dean of both University and Honors College, Kate Krause. The students received encouraging words from the dean, recited the Lobo Pledge and enjoyed a reception featuring Lobo cupcakes.  

“Academic success can open many doors. Committees that award scholarships, companies that hire and admissions committees for graduate and professional schools will see an academic record as a sign of your hard work and ability to persevere,” said Krause.

Alyssa Montoya, a freshman majoring in nursing made the Dean’s List. “It felt amazing to be recognized for my academic achievement because a lot of times I don't think students think it’s a big deal that they earned good grades. The Dean’s List Reception is motivating me to earn good grades this semester and to keep up the hard work," she said.

University College serves students majoring in Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Dental Hygiene, Emergency Medical Services, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Native American Studies, Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy, Radiological Sciences and undecided or exploratory. 

“It was really meaningful for students and their families to meet the Dean that has honored them for their academic achievement,” said Laura Valdez, director of University College Advisement Center. “The entire event was celebratory and it was a tremendous feel good moment for both the college and students.”