A new effort by UNM Recycling designed to improve the visibility and attractiveness of the recycle/waste bins found around the UNM campus is underway. The old tan bins are getting a face-lift with a fresh coat of “recycle blue” paint and are branded with the new UNM Recycling bright green footprint logo. 

In the next few months all the recycling bins around campus will be repainted. The blue color makes the outdoor bins more visible, accessible, and appealing with the intention of encouraging students, staff, faculty and visitors to recycle their bottles, cans, and newspapers rather than throwing them in the trash.

Mary Clark, sustainability manager who oversees UNM Recycling, says they made this decision to attract new and regular recyclers on campus. 

“A person’s decision to recycle is usually made in a few seconds and the hope is that these updated bins will encourage people to reduce their waste, reuse, and recycle. This is how, as a campus, we can demonstrate how to Love Red and Live Green.”