Registration is now open for students interested in signing up for one of the more than 600 courses offered through UNM this summer.  More sections of high demand core courses for lower and upper division students in both online and face to face formats are open.

In all there are more than 100 new courses offered by UNM as part of the summer session.

Vice Provost for Extended University Jeronimo Dominguez said the additional online courses are particularly popular because they allow students flexible schedules in an effort to help them stay focused on graduation.  About 500 courses will be offered on campus during the summer.  Special 4 and 8 week classes and field courses will allow students to complete some core and extracurricular requirements in a relatively short time. They are offering both lower and upper division courses, he said.

Dominguez said his office is working with deans to recruit faculty to teach the summer courses by adding financial incentives. Deans are identifying "bottleneck courses," those classes where student demand is greater than sections and slots available.  Dominguez and administrators at Extended University are concentrating on eliminating those bottlenecks so students have an easier time working their way toward graduation.

Dominguez said that in addition to recruiting existing students, he is reaching out to incoming freshmen so they can get an early start.

"We are working with financial aid to help students secure funding since the Lottery Scholarship and Pell Grants don't cover summer tuition."

Classes begin on June 4.  For more information, visit UNM Summer.  To browse the class catalog, visit 2011-12 Summer Catalog.

Dominguez said UNM is continuing to build summer course offerings with a long term goal of positioning the university to offer three full terms for students.  He said the changes are meant to encourage students to stay focused on completing their degree.