As a reminder to new and returning students, staff and faculty  – Lobos can update their demographic information – including gender non-binary designations and affirmed (preferred) pronouns, in LoboWeb. It’s part of The University of New Mexico’s commitment to providing a safe, inclusive and respectful learning, living and working environment.

University policies recognize individuals may prefer to use first names other than their legal ones to identify themselves (UAP 1050 and UAP 2720). As long as the use of this preferred or affirmed name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation or to avoid a legal obligation, the policies enable individuals to change their preferred or affirmed names on some University documentation.

Lobos can update their personal information form on Loboweb and utilize the demographic form to be more granular in reflecting race: i.e. Tribal affiliation or bi-racial. It also allows for updates specific to a disability or veteran status, affirmed pronouns and gender non-binary designations. Changes can be completed on the Personal Information Menu within LoboWeb. Visit What is the Personal Information Menu and How do I Request Changes? to learn more.

Note that not all systems on campus are able to use affirmed pronouns and gender identity values. A campus-wide project is underway to enable University systems to change that; see the Gender Identity and Personal Pronoun at UNM page for what systems are able to use an affirmed pronoun and/or gender identity now. 
For more information about setting an affirmed/preferred name in the system, see: What is Preferred (Affirmed) Name?