The UNM Raza Graduate Student Association announces its inaugural scholarship awardees for the 2011-12 academic year. To mark the occasion and celebrate the recipients, RGSA hosts a public reception and gathering at El Chante Casa de Cultura, 804 Park Ave SW, Friday, April 1, at 6:30 p.m.

The evening includes an art exhibit and opening, "Lo Que Ven los Ojos y Hacen las Manos," "What the Eyes See and the Hands Create."

Scholarship Recipients:
Berenice Grijalva, graduate student of architecture
Sandra Anderson, graduate student, Community and Regional Planning
Gregory Gonzales, graduate student, Latin American Studies
Gisel Samora, graduate student, College of Education
Nalleli Ramirez-Salinas, undergraduate, biology
Aurea Cardiel, undergraduate
Lizzet Castillo, incoming freshman, pre-nursing

RGSA raised money and is making funds available to incoming freshmen, undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrated financial need. Awardees were selected based upon academic goals, dedication to community outreach and activism and family commitment.

Funds raised in collaboration and partnership with ENLACE (Engaging Latino Communities for
Education) at UNM, assisted in increasing the amount of funding each student is to receive. The partnership is a result of a commitment to promoting retention rates and increasing the number of Latina/o students pursuing higher education degrees.

As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, UNM's student body is 35.61 percent Hispanic. UNM programs continue to rank among the top ten by Hispanic Business Inc. For the second year, the UNM School of Law ranks first among law schools. The UNM School of Engineering is ranked third for top engineering schools, up from sixth a year ago. And, the UNM School of Medicine is again ranked sixth for top medical schools. As a result, RGSA members are committed to offering support and mentorship to undergraduates to assist them in completing their degrees and potentially pursuing graduate degrees.

For more information, contact Christopher Ramirez, (505) 363-1453, or Bianca Encinias, (505) 400-9201.