The 2011 UNM John Donald Robb Composers' Symposium, continuing through Wednesday, March 30, features headliner Konrad Boehmer, a Dutch composer of German descent and one of the last remaining links to post-War European serialism.

The New Mexico Symphony Chorus, directed by New Mexico Symphony Orchestra Associate Conductor Roger Melone, will perform Konrad Boehmer's choral piece "Frontlines," including two pianos and percussion. The piece, written for the symposium, makes its world premiere Wednesday, March 30, at 7:30 p.m. in UNM's Keller Hall.

Symposium evening performances and daytime activities are free and open to the public in the UNM Center for the Arts. For schedules and information, visit

In addition to an international array of participants, New Mexico composers, musicians and UNM faculty will be featured throughout the event. Monday evening's traditional "John Donald Robb Concert" features a performance by the UNM women's chorus, Las Cantantes, under the direction of UNM's Maxine Thevenot, of Robb's Two Songs: "I Am Very Old Tonight" and "Tears," Opus 57, arranged by Bradley Ellingboe, and two brass compositions, "Miniatures (five short pieces)" and "Prelude and Commentary," the latter directed by UNM Horn Professor J.D. Shaw. The concert also includes the world premiere of the winning composition by Colin Holter of Minneapolis, Minn., for the 2010 National Biennial UNM Robb Trust Composers' Competition. "The Recording You Will Now Hear," based on a Hispanic folk song collected by Robb, will be performed by music ensemble Chatter.

Holter is a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota. In addition to composing music, he writes a weekly column for NewMusicBox, the Web magazine of the American Music Center. He is a native of Frederick, Md.

UNM's Andrea Polli, a well-known sound artist, makes her symposium debut, and other participants include Italian composer Barbara Rettagliati, Chong Lim Ng of Malaysia, Sergei Zhukov from Russia, Ron Newman who teaches at Michigan State University and three younger composers: Frank Cox of Ohio and New York-based composers Martin Scherzinger and Elizabeth Hoffman. These three, in addition to Boehmer, Christopher Shultis and Richard Hermann, will be part of a featured series of discussions on "Post-War Experimental Music" Tuesday morning.

This year's symposium also includes music by two new composition faculty at UNM: Karola Obermüller and Peter Gilbert.