Water is essential for life and is arguably the most important molecule in the universe. But did you know there are different types of water molecules? What if life had evolved a use for these alternate forms? And what if microbes could be the probe to discovering this evolution?

These are the questions UNM Biology Research Assistant Anthony Salvagno is trying to decipher in research he's trying to fund through RocketHub, a top International funding community featured in the New York Times, The Economist and CNN.

Salvagno, an open notebook scientist, is attempting to fund his research through RocketHub, an online fundraising community that empowers Creatives (researchers) through Fuelers (creative funders), with the credibility and infrastructure necessary to successfully leverage the financial power of your community.

RocketHub liberates Creatives to create, connect with, learn from and give back to the community that supports them. It's a community where Creatives are accountable only to their fans, the Fuelers.

RocketHub also provides Fuelers with a safe, credible environment in which individuals can comfortably support Creatives and their projects, while offering them the opportunity to engage, influence and have fun with the Creatives they are supporting.

In his research, Salvagno plans to provide a deeper understanding of how water interacts with living systems and how it has played a role in evolution. This study is the foundation for more complicated experiments that could shed light on specific chemical interactions and cellular functions which water impacts.

"Funding will primarily go towards the purchase of heavy and deuterium-depleted water but will also go towards the purchase of supplies that will be used to grow and propogate the cultures," Salvagno said. "Funding this project will be a huge success for open science. Your contributions show the institution of science that people like you are interested in knowing exactly what is going on in labs around the world."

To learn more about Salvagno's research, visit: The Effect of Water on Life. For more information about RocketHub and how to donate, visit: RocketHub.