A dedication of the new Science and Mathematics Learning Center takes place on Friday, March 4, at 2 p.m. A short program featuring Regent Carolyn J. Abeita, President David J. Schmidly, Deputy Provost Richard W. Holder and architect Van H. Gilbert is set, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception to follow. Tours of the building begin at 1 p.m.

The 62,000 square foot building houses classrooms and teaching laboratories for the Departments of Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Earth and Planetary Sciences. It also houses staff and faculty offices for the Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Brenda Claiborne said, "I'm very excited to see the vision of the Science and Mathematics Learning Center come to life. We were fortunate to have a dedicated and talented team of faculty, staff and architects who remained focused on the essential functions of the Learning Center throughout the planning and design process. Not only does the center provide fully equipped teaching laboratories and classrooms aimed at engaging freshmen and sophomores in science and mathematics, but it also provides spaces for students to interact in a more informal way with each other and with faculty mentors."

The Science and Mathematics Learning Center is located on Terrace Mall behind Clark Hall.

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