The UNM Dean of Students Office and the Division of Student Affairs, in partnership with Roadrunner Food Bank, hosts the second Lobo Food Pantry for UNM students in need. This month the pantry takes place on Thursday, March 27 at 2 p.m. in the northeast corner of the football stadium parking lot. Students who need food should bring their own boxes or bags to carry food items.

This month’s Lobo Food Pantry will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month due to spring break. The remaining Lobo food Pantry’s are all scheduled for the third Thursday of the month.

The remaining dates follow: 

- April 17
- May 15
- June 19
- July 17

Students do not need to qualify to receive food, but they will be asked to fill out a form when they arrive. Students must also bring their own bag or box to carry their food.

Additionally, event organizers are looking for volunteers. Any department, program, student organization or individuals, who would like to help with administrative forms, promotion, set up and distribution, are invited to help. Parties interested in lending a hand should contact Lisa Lindquist in the Dean of Students office at 277-3361.

For more information, contact Lisa Lindquist or call 505-277-3361.