Despite signs posted outside the Cornell Parking Structure advising that bicycles and skateboards aren't allowed in the area, we are continually plagued by the noise and destruction wrought by kids on bikes and boards.

We, University Communication & Marketing, located in the Welcome Center on the bottom floor of the parking structure, call UNM Police almost daily asking them to get the kids to cease and desist. We aren't mean-spirited, although they damage property, but they also make it difficult to work inside the building. The constant banging of the skateboards against the concrete steps is disruptive to concentration, as is the kids' yelling at one another.

Not only is UNM PD busy with other more important issues, but the policy seems unenforceable. I was once told that the police confiscated a skateboard from one of the vandals and his parents refused to acknowledge that he was damaging UNM property and demanded that the police return his skateboard.

Middle and high school kids bring film crews and audiences to catch their skating and vandalism in action.

So, the police run them off day after day, but no permanent solution is offered. Some colleges and universities ban skateboards altogether. Maybe that's what it will take. It's time UNM really did something about the damage and annoyance these vandals cause. It's only a matter of time until one of them seriously injures someone walking by.

It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Staff Council.

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