New Mexico’s endless beauty, its complex and contending histories and rich cultural heritage earned the state its nickname, The Land of Enchantment. Behind all of the majesty and grandeur lies a deeper story that weaves through past, present and future. It is the “Story of New Mexico.”

University of New Mexico Continuing Education offers day trips with knowledgeable and inspiring instructors. Get to know New Mexico on a deeper level by exploring the four corners of the state and every inch in between. See semester offerings to find new day adventures or revisit an old favorite spot. Either way, you will meet new people, see new sites and learn new facts about New Mexico.

“Story of New Mexico is a well-kept secret that needs to be shared,” said Krista Savoca, program coordinator for Story of New Mexico. "Through the lecture series, people learn about people, locations and events that are a part of New Mexican culture. Our day trips visit some of the sites that make our state truly enchanting.”

New Mexico’s history and culture began long before the U.S. welcomed it as a state on January 6, 1912, and before the Spanish declared it a province of New Spain in 1598. The instructors share aspects of history and culture participants may never have known.

For more information on trips, tours, course schedules and lectures, visit Story of New Mexico

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about water issues in New Mexico, Continuing Ed is offering “Scarce and Sacred: Water in New Mexico” as part of the Story of New Mexico lecture series.

The course covers topics such as “Solutions to the Water Crisis in New Mexico,” “How Water is Allocated and Re-Allocated in New Mexico: Theory vs. Practice,” "Ecosystem Services of Traditional Irrigation Systems in Northern New Mexico Watersheds,” and “The Enduring Role of Aldo Leopold's Sand County Almanac in Community Planning: Thinking Like a Water."