The University of New Mexico Provost Committee for Staff (PCS), under the direction of Provost Chaouki Abdallah, has chosen the recipients for the Academic Support Scholarship for the spring 2014 semester.  
They are: Vanessa G. Kline, administrative assistant, Anderson School of Management; Debra Montana, administrative assistant III, Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities Programs Division; and Joseph Moreno, student recruitment specialist, UNM West.
Each winner receives $350 that can be used for books, supplies and course fees.
“Deciding who receives the scholarships is always tough because we always have a great group of deserving staff who apply,” Dorene DiNaro, committee chair, said. 
The committee awards scholarships again in fall of 2014.   
For more information, visit Provost Committee for Staff, or contact Dorene DiNaro or call (505) 277‑5299.