"A preliminary external, independent review of specific concerns within the Athletics Department at The University of New Mexico was conducted by retired federal judge Bruce Black, who reported his findings directly to me. This investigation has concluded. However, the University is continuing to evaluate processes, procedures, and the overall culture of the Athletics Department, and the broader UNM campus, to ensure best business, management, and human relations practices. I can assure the UNM community that the University is committed to the diligent pursuit of educational excellence and campus quality of life.

"In that regard, I am not going to talk specifics, but we have engaged nationally-recognized experts to assist the University with next steps that include looking further across multiple areas of the institution. When, and if, the time comes, we will comment on this matter. Until then, please be assured that evaluating our overall culture and improving it for all members of the UNM community is the priority in this process.

"A few months ago, I told our incoming class that “we are all capable of making the degrees of change necessary to make our campus climate one in which we can all thrive.” We must continue to view and examine our campus as one university, and find opportunities to ensure any changes that could improve one particular unit of UNM be implemented to apply to the entire institution. The fact that each of us defines all of us makes us a stronger and more unified institution."

Chaouki Abdallah
Interim UNM President