The STEM Gateway Program, a project for inclusive undergraduate success in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is officially up and running at the University of New Mexico. The program added 27 peer-learning facilitators (PLF') to better address student needs. PLF's are responsible for providing peer-assisted collaborative learning activities in large gateway sections, allowing instructors to incorporate a wider variety of teaching strategies. 

STEM Gateway is also adding a new student interest group program this fall. All groups are one-credit seminar courses that connect STEM with other majors, allowing for a unique connection between the program and a student's own professional interests.

STEM Director, Tim Schroeder said, "STEM Gateway helps us collaborate with the students on the best way to address their needs in these fields through course reform, STEM student interest groups, peer learning facilitators and data-driven prioritization."

The program is funded through a $3.82 million U.S. Department of Education TITLE V grant through the year 2016, and focuses its research on undergraduate science and math courses that serve as gateways to STEM degrees.

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For more information about the program, contact Tim Schroeder at (505) 277-1723