The University of New Mexico offers free events for students considering majors in science, technology, engineering and math, collectively called the STEM program.

These events, part of UNM’s STEM Summer, are designed to help students explore different STEM degrees and career possibilities.

Participants will conduct research and design projects, travel to cutting edge research sites with university faculty, and visit with visit with STEM industry leaders to learn about their companies and how to get involved with their projects.

STEM Summer Schedule
Forest Restoration 101: Data Collection & Field Day at the Valles Caldera (FREE day-trip)
Registration deadline: June 23; Start date – July 7

Spend the day as a forest ecologist at the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Brittney Van Der Werff, Lead Educator at the Caldera, will teach about forest health, restoration, and management.  Students will collect data that the Caldera’s scientists will use to evaluate the condition of the preserve's forests.

Sandia Day at the Advanced Materials Lab (FREE half-day event)
Registration deadline: June 24; Start date: July 8

Learn about careers at a Department of Energy national laboratory from a panel of Sandia’s current STEM interns. Plus, Sandia’s scientists will talk about their cutting edge research and guide a tour of the Advanced Materials Laboratory.

Conducting Field Transects and Bird Surveys: Field Day at Bosque del Apache (FREE day-trip)
Registration deadline: June 26; Start date: July 10

Dr. Yadéeh Sawyer will take students to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge where participants will systematically walk and record observations of birds and other flora and fauna of the area (also know as field transects). Students will complete a scavenger hunt to learn about scientific observation.

Considering a Career in Medicine? (FREE 6 days total)
Registration deadline: June 29; Start date: July 13

Medicine is a stimulating, challenging and rewarding career and achieving it requires a lot of hard work and tremendous commitment.  Medical careers are also very different from the way they are commonly portrayed in popular culture.  Students considering a career in medicine may find these daytrips enlightening.

Observing Life Zone Changes at the Sandia Mountains (FREE half-day trip)
Registration deadline: June 30; Start date: July 14

Dr. Yadéeh Sawyer and class will examine changes in life zones with increases in elevation and on either side of the Sandia mountains.  Students learn about scientific observation through a scavenger hunt and by documenting observations, both written and illustrative.

Understanding the Impact of Invasive Species on the Rio Grande (FREE half-day trip)
Registration deadline: July 7; Start date: July 21

How do invasive species impact the Rio Grande Valley's ecosystem composition? Explore the answer with Dr. Yadéeh Sawyer at the Rio Grande Valley Nature Center in Albuquerque.

Exploring the Geologic Time Record in the Rocks of New Mexico (FREE, overnight camping trip)
Registration deadline: July 10; Start date: July 24

This trip will include tours of some of the most spectacular rocks exposed in New Mexico. These rocks tell a geologic story spanning nearly 2 billion years of Earth's 4.5 billion year history, and give clues to how and when the oceans and mountains formed.

Tour of Air Force Research Laboratory & Research Presentations (FREE day-trip)
Registration deadline: July 8; Start date: July 29

Learn more about internships and careers at the Air Force Research Laboratory. AFRL Scientists will lead tours of various laboratory facilitates, including Satellite Testing, Lasers, High-Powered Microwaves, and Optics.

STEM Summer events are great for first- and second-year students who are interested in exploring different STEM disciplines or learning more about research and emerging technologies.

For more information visit the STEM Collaborative Center or call (505) 277-0878.