Professionals in architecture, planning and landscape architecture sometimes need to be able to provide a quick or detailed sketch for a client, despite the fact that most people - in the classroom and in the studio - prefer to do design work via the computer. 

"I prefer to hand draw. It requires only a sketchpad and a pen instead of a computer and an electrical outlet," Steve Borbas said. He's been teaching the class for many years each fall. 

Over the course of the semester the students were taught to sketch with pen, charcoal and pastels. "We also covered techniques in watercolor and watercolor wash," he said. Students learned how to draw perspective, portraits and were encouraged to go out and find interesting things to sketch. 

For their final project, the students were to identify a place or theme and draw 12 pictures of their chosen site. Students chose a variety of sites - Taos, Los Lunas, UNM, Amsterdam, Bali and Brazil, to mention a few. Others chose themes, such as a series of concerts or a focus on sustainable energy.

Borbas invited Professors Michaele Pride and Jorge Colon to critique student work. He also invited some former students who had taken the class.

"All the students demonstrated remarkable progress over the course of the semester," Borbas said. 

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