Research & Polling, Inc. has been hired again by UNM to conduct an online tracking survey to follow the benchmark survey that was conducted in March 2010.  This survey will measure changes and progress made by UNM on various university matters, including topics such as climate and communications.

Everyone is asked to fill out the survey and return it as quickly as possible.  Research & Polling Inc. is an independent research company not affiliated in any way with UNM.  No one affiliated with UNM will have access to individual results so answers will remain anonymous.

In 2009, when UNM was reaccredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a monitoring report was assigned to follow up on issues related to communications and governance.  As part of the response, the team recommended a survey or other instrument to empirically demonstrate progress.  The university is required to submit the monitoring report to the Commission, due June 13, 2011, that addresses what steps have been taken in response to the concerns raised by the team and the progress that has been made.

The survey will go to faculty and staff on the main and branch campuses via an email invitation from  Health Sciences faculty and staff are being surveyed separately.  It is crucial to fill out the survey (even if faculty and staff did not participate in the benchmark survey) because the feedback will be used by the university administration to address concerns and assess progress.

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