Something to consider, fellow Lobo staffers...

I was talking computers with our office manager this morning (she's one of the recipients of a new office computer) and the idea of a campus-wide technology exchange came up.  There are a lot of departments across campus, some large and some small. And these smaller departments might not have the budget to keep up with the times, technology-wise.  Our office manager's computer is probably going to surplus where it will eventually be auctioned.  She asked why we couldn't create an online list of available computer equipment and those departments that need updated equipment can take what they need.  Kind of creating a UNM Craigslist for technology.

I've been told there are departments that are too busy trying to keep their equipment running to think about buying new equipment, and this would solve two problems - keeping needed equipment in use at UNM and slowly getting rid of outdated technology (is there any reason why Windows 98 still needs to be supported on this campus?? ;) ).  Then we could provide the outdated computer equipment to some museum of old compu-gear.

What do you think? Is this something you or your department would be interested in looking into further?