The University of New Mexico Parent Association released this year’s official holiday ornament featuring the Student Union Building. The SUB, as it is commonly referred to, is one of many buildings on campus designed by famed Santa Fe architect John Gaw Meem, recognized for creating UNM’s distinctive Pueblo Revival style. All proceeds from the sale of the ornaments benefit the UNM Parent Association Scholarship Fund.

For the past seven years, Jana Fothergill, senior graphic designer with University Communication and Marketing, has created the popular, collectible ornaments that depict iconic campus buildings and locales. She has more than 30 years’ experience in illustration and design, first in Wisconsin, where she earned her master's in fine art, and then in New Mexico, where she has resided since 1995.

"Every year I look forward to creating a new ornament," Fothergill said. "I love the process. It’s time consuming, but a pretty simple technique. "First I draw the image by hand, and then I scan it into Illustrator to add color. The frame is always in a southwestern motif, because it fits with our architecture, and it really highlights the SUB ornament nicely."

The SUB is the social center of the campus. The original Student Union is now the Anthropology Building. It was built in 1937. In 1945, with an uptick in enrollment after WWII, a new student union was a high priority. The current SUB was built in 1958 and featured air conditioning, a rarity in its time. It included food services, a ballroom, student organization offices, a bowling alley and even a hotel. 

In 2004, the SUB underwent a major renovation by Van Gilbert to update electrical, plumbing and other mechanical features. Additionally, the floors on the north end were opened with a light well extending from the plaza level to the second level. Cafeteria style dining was replaced with fast food outlets to provide more options for students. The colors, materials, light levels and views all contribute to the building’s welcoming ambiance.

Previous ornaments: University House (2008); The Duck Pond (2009); Alumni Memorial Chapel (2010);  Zimmerman Library (2011); Hodgin Hall (2012); and “The Pit” (2013), are available at the UNM Bookstore on main campus and the Medical/Legal Bookstore on north campus for $18.89, in honor of UNM's founding year.

To purchase yours, visit: UNM Holiday Ornaments.