students can buy a paper domino for $1 to , benefit the United Way.">

The University of New Mexico's United Way campaign is taking off among the students. More than 1,700 paper dominos have sold since the drive launched two weeks ago. Partnering with Chartwells, the Associated Students of UNM is able to reach out to the entire student body for the 2010 "domino" themed event.

 "The $1 price for a paper domino is extremely helpful when selling to students," said Tim Mousseau, head of ASUNM community experience. "I'm hoping that the campaign runs all the way up to Friday, Dec. 17, with the ultimate goal of raising $6,000 from the student body."

ASUNM will host a one day event Monday, Nov. 22, to raise even more awareness for United Way. The event, a domino design competition, is geared to engage various student organizations around campus.
"We hope to get 20 different organizations to sign up, each donating $50 with an overall goal of raising $1,000," said Mousseau. "Participating teams will be given 250 dominos and 4 hours to design anything they wish. Then we knock down the dominos and judge the designs."

Mousseau said that he is filled with pride watching students, faculty and staff come together in service for the pure benefit of others. "Everywhere you go in the SUB," he said, "red dominos cover the walls."

Students can use cash or LOBOcash or their UNM IDs to donate at any of the Chartwell venues in the SUB through mid-December. All money collected will go to United Way's Community Fund which supports various organizations in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Paper dominos are also available in the Student Resource Center Commons area.

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