Three high school students from UNM's College Prep Programs (CPP) College Readiness Program, Ahmad Samir Gulmohammad, Karen Cecilia Mercado and Carmen Kimberly Sierra, were recently awarded college scholarships from the Daniel's Fund.

The Daniels Fund selects recipients for scholarships based on the strength character, leadership, potential to contribute to their community, academic performance or promise and the well-rounded personality of each applicant. Recipients of the scholarship come from a four state region covering Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, and over the past six years, approximately 70 recipients have attended UNM—20 of them going through the CPP College Readiness Program.

Gulmohammad, Mercado and Sierra said that if it were not for the CPP College Readiness Program, they would not have even known about the scholarship or how to apply. "We all want to thank CPP for letting us know about the scholarship and helping us apply," Sierra said.   

Gulmohammad, a senior at Atrisco Heritage Academy high school will be delivering a speech at his graduation on May 19. He is excited to start UNM in the fall where he will work towards a medical degree. 

Mercado, who is also graduating from Atrisco Heritage Academy, wants to attend UNM in the fall and work toward a neonatal nursing degree. 

Sierra has had her eye on two universities: the University of San Diego and the University of Denver and said that she could not have considered either school without the scholarship. She plans to major in business and wants to start her own business with strong ties to her community. 

Since its inception, the Daniels Fund has awarded over $8 million in scholarships in the State of New Mexico and paid over $51 million in grants. Bill Daniels whose family lived in Hobbs, the location of the Daniels Insurance Company, created the fund.